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Brian, The Alchemist & The Silver Dragon

Magic lessons are starting up for Brian: a much-needed distraction from the tragedy over the summer.  But the dead rising from their graves is perhaps too much of a distraction.  Now Brian and his friends must work out what is happening and why.  


Does it have something to do with the Stone of Surzaal, a fabled emerald with the power to grant near-immortality? Who is the six-fingered man? And what exactly is the 'silver dragon'?

Brian, The Alchemist & the Silver Dragon

Brian, His Granddad And The Cup Of Ages

When eleven-year-old Brian Pankhurst has to stay with his grandparents, he's not exactly enthusiastic. He barely knows them, after all, and they're a little strange. They're stranger than he realises, in fact. Very soon after he arrives at their ancient house, Brian starts to feel that something isn't right.


Why has someone sent his granddad a completely blank letter? Why don't people who go in to the local bookshop ever seem to come out again? What does his granddad mean when he says Brian's father wasn't really an accountant?


Then Brian wakes in the middle of the night and finds he's going to have to adjust to three things very quickly: magic is real, monsters are real, and he and his family are in terrible danger...

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Brian, His Granddad & the Cup of Ages

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