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By P. J. Taylor, Nov 8 2017 08:07AM

This week, I was thrilled to receive another 4 star review for my second book, Brian, the Alchemist & the Silver Dragon. This review has been updated at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Brian-Alchemist-Silver-Dragon-Taylor/dp/1537041711/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1510085525&sr=8-1&keywords=brian%2C+the+alchemist and also at https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31522704-brian-the-alchemist-the-silver-dragon?ac=1&from_search=true. Here it is below:

‘I enjoyed revisiting these characters for another adventure, this one was a little gorier in places so would recommend parents read first if their child is of the more sensitive nature but I'm sure most children would probably flinch less than I did. Could have done without Ben's habit being described in as much detail but again kids will probably find it more amusing than I did as an adult reader. Lots of interesting twists and turns in the mysterious storyline to keep you guessing, in fact it kept me guessing longer than most adult thrillers do. Now to await book three to see if what Brian was told was true or not???’

I am still working on the third ‘Brian . . .’ book but, to be honest, I’ve had a bit of writer’s block in recent weeks. Because of this I have also been doing a bit of research for another children’s/young adult book that I am tinkering about with. And that research has involved ghosts. In particular, looking at different types of ghosts and rating the types of phantoms and hauntings from 1 to 5. I have also plotted some of the early chapters and some of the key plot points too. Interestingly, the main protagonist in this story will be a girl rather than a boy. There will also be other key characters within the book who come from the eighteenth century, the early twentieth century and also 1950’s. It’s been fun scouring the internet and learning about visitations, poltergeists and possessions. Now, I just have to write the darn thing.

Last weekend another book landed upon the pile of my ‘to read’ books. ‘Solaris’ by Stanislaw Lem. I’ve seen the film (the second version) with George Clooney and the book is meant to be a classic piece of sci-fi. So, I will try and read that shortly.

Until next time . . .

By P. J. Taylor, Oct 10 2017 03:21PM

There’s been a bit of a gap between my last blog and this new one. Nothing much has happened in my ‘writing life’ that you would be particularly interested in. I picked up another 5 star rating for ‘Brian, the Alchemist & the Silver Dragon’ via Goodreads and I’m still busy working on the third book if and when the mood takes me. To be honest I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve written so far. Currently, I’m on chapter four.

Incidentally, ‘Brian, the Alchemist & the Silver Dragon’ is currently being given away for free in a competition via a Goodreads. I believe it ends on the 14th October and if you would like to try and win a paperback copy of my latest book then, by all means, use the link below to enter the competition. You’ll be notified by Goodreads should you be lucky enough to win it.


Next to my couch, I still have a pile of books that I need to read. I recently picked up ‘The Greatcoat’ by Helen Dunmore which, according to the blurb, was likened in some ways to ‘The Woman in Black’ by Susan Hill. Let me immediately assure you that there is absolutely no comparison at all. I read the book on a flight to the US and it was just awful (the book - not the flight). Whilst there was nothing wrong with the actual writing the story was just dreadful. Firstly, it’s theme was more about time travel rather than a spooky ghost story. It certainly wasn’t creepy and I didn’t particularly like the characters either I’m afraid. Quite why the female protagonist was so willing to accept a stranger into her house and then to also accept that she could suddenly travel in time as well? Anyway, I gave it two stars. I’ve never given a book one star. It would not only have to be an awful story with dreadful characters but the actual text would have to be poorly written with various mistakes littered throughout its manuscript for me to every award a book a single star.

Currently I’m reading ‘The Haunted Hotel’ by Wilkie Collins which is meant to be somewhat of a classic ghost story so I shall see how I get on. I’m enjoying it at the moment but I’ve only read about 20 pages in total.

Until next time . . .

By P. J. Taylor, Aug 21 2017 04:02PM

It’s been a long week this week. I attended a funeral on Wednesday for an old neighbour that I had known almost 40 years. Whilst yesterday I was at a hospital for yet another appointment and was duly reminded about the amount of immunosuppressive drugs I’ve had over the past 20 years and that I am far more likely to develop cancer than most other people. Nice! I won’t bore you with my health problems of late. It’s just dull and depressing. However, this morning I awoke to a new review for my second book, Brian, the Alchemist & the Silver Dragon. It was such a lovely review I wanted to share it as soon as possible so here it is:

Following on from "Brian, His Granddad & the Cup of Ages", we meet up again with Brian (Ryan?!) and his slightly odd friends and also meet some new (and just as entertaining) characters. The story is well-written, imaginative, and holds plenty for young and old alike. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much while reading. You don't have to be a fan of fantasy to enjoy this book (or the previous one). I'd recommend it for anyone who'd like a few chuckles along with their reading fix :)

The review is from Amazon.co.uk and for anybody who hasn’t checked out the link before here it is:



I’m still busy with Brian’s third adventure although I must say that I’ve had very little chance to write anything at all this week. However, I should get some time over the weekend. I’m almost on Chapter 3 and I’m really enjoying the writing process once again.

Until next time . . .

By P. J. Taylor, Jul 24 2017 01:36PM

As you know, I don’t like updating my blog simply for the sake of updating it. And this is why there are times when I won’t and don’t update it more than once or twice a month. Once again, I don’t really have too much to say or tell you this week. However, I thought I would give you a brief update on the third ‘Brian . . .’ book.

The first two chapters are titled, ‘Demon Tours Inc’ and ‘The Mountain Troll’. I have now mapped out the first ten chapters which will take Brian, Norman, Audrey and Violet to somewhere completely new and this will be the focus of the first half of the book. Additionally, I am trying to include and update some story threads from the first book. There will also be a major link to a character from the second book too.

I am quite excited with how things are currently progressing. I still have the second half of the book to plot but the third book will be very different from the first two Brian novels. The children’s new adventure is very much a race against time and will focus far less on school and the underground village of Coffinsgrave. Instead, the children will travel to new and exciting locations and they’ll meet a host of new characters, unusual demons and very scary monsters!

If anybody is wondering if Sam and Hadley will appear in the third book then the answer’s . . . YES! They are in the opening chapter and will join Brian and his friends throughout their new adventure.

I have also received a new, five star, review for ‘Brian, His Granddad & the Cup of Ages’ which was a nice surprise and I have included this at the top of the blog.

It was lovely to receive such a nice response to my update last week. There were lots of positive comments about the photo I included of my childhood friends who were the inspiration for the four children who appear in the ‘Brian . . ‘ books.

As I have done previously I will try and include a few real children’s names in Brian’s third adventure. There’s always been a great response from both children and parents when they see their own/child’s name printed in a book. Of course, I can’t include lots and lots of names but I will certainly try to fit a few in when the story allows.

Until next time . . .

By P. J. Taylor, Jul 18 2017 08:03AM

The first page of my second book has a dedication to four friends that I grew up with when I was much younger. Glenn, John, Kate and Maria. These wonderful individuals were the inspiration for the four characters that appear in both my books. Without them there probably wouldn’t be any Brian, Norman, Audrey or Violet.

When my second book was published I was contacted by Glenn and it was suggested that it would be nice, perhaps, if we all met up again. Some of us hadn’t seen each other in almost 30 years. Which is strange. Kate, if you didn’t know, is my sister. And, growing up, the five of us were totally inseparable. There was no internet in the 80’s. No Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Instead we played outside, made up our own games, wrote stories and acted out plays that we recorded onto audio cassette. In fact I still have one of those cassettes which, when I’m on my own, I listen to from time to time and, for a little while at least, I feel like a boy of 15 again.

As we grew up and entered our late teens our paths veered off into different directions and the unbreakable friendships we had when we were eleven and twelve began, as most do, to crumble and fade away. It’s nobody’s fault. Children just grow up. One of us lives in Spain now, another in Cumbria and another in the Isle of Wight.

I am pleased to say that the five of us met up again on Saturday and whilst some of us have turned a little grey now one of us has lost most of his hair it, nevertheless, still felt like old times, if only for a few hours. It was good chatting about the silly things we got up to. Pretending to contact the dead when we had John underneath the floorboards in the garage knocking on the wood floor above him, once for yes and twice for no. Or making new fancy cocktails and with my sister adding some Fairy Liquid to hers to give it a decent frothy head! How we didn’t end up killing ourselves I’ll never know.

Anyway, I thought I’d share our ‘group’ photo. Glenn is on the far left. John, his younger brother, is standing next to him. In the middle is Maria. Kate is next to her and that’s me on the far left.

Until next time . . .

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