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By P. J. Taylor, Jan 3 2019 03:24PM

It’s been quite a while since I posted a new blog/update. During the past six months I have been working hard on my new book and I am pleased to say there are only a few chapters left to complete. The book should be finished by February. Currently, I am putting the finishing touches to Chapter 19. There should be no more than 25 chapters in total.

Below is a very brief synopsis:

After an administration error, the goblin dungeons have run out of prisoners. Not only is this very embarrassing for all concerned, but it means that the monsters roaming the dungeons’ corridors have nobody to eat, and a labyrinth full of starving monsters is bound to cause trouble sooner or later.

Neddy Huggins, an anxious gnome, has never broken goblin law and in fact lives nowhere near goblin territory, but goblins are not always discerning about the people they arrest. He and two friends are kidnapped, separated and thrown into the goblin dungeons in order to serve as a tasty snack for the monsters in residence.

In the dungeons, Neddy meets two old hands at survival: a battle-scarred, one-eyed dwarf called Felicity and a talking bat called Sir Bernard Feltham the third, who can only retain memories for twenty-four hours. From them, Neddy learns three shocking things. Firstly, that his friend Charlie Springfoot may still be alive somewhere in the lower levels of the dungeons. Secondly, that the goblins have been secretly amassing an army and they plan to march to war against his homeland. Thirdly, that tunnel rat really does taste better than it looks.

When fate forces Neddy, Felicity and Sir Bernard to flee for their lives, they decide to ignore the fact that nobody has ever escaped from the goblin dungeons and, throwing caution to the wind, they hatch a daring plan to rescue Charlie Springfoot and break out of their prison.

This task, however, will not be easy. On their journey they will encounter strange friends and foes: skeletons, flying lizards, a giant spider and a famous wizard trapped within a suit of armour. Neddy, Felicity, and Sir Bernard must band together to achieve their goal, but even then their fate is not guaranteed. Not only will they need to overcome loss, heartbreak and queasy stomachs, but their newfound friendship will be tested to the limit.

Lastly, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

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