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By P. J. Taylor, Feb 6 2018 12:29PM

So, I have received some very positive feedback to the ‘introduction’ and opening chapters to my new children’s book, There’s No Place Like Gnome. Hopefully, by the end of this week, I shall have edited Chapter Six. That will leave a further fourteen chapters to edit and then the process will begin again until I entirely happy that my new novel is as good as it can be. Detailed below is a further resume. This one covers the bearded Dwarf race.


Not usually more than four feet tall dwarves are much smaller than humans and look a great deal older too. Their noses are large, their eyes and ears are small and their faces rough and earthy looking. They live three times as long as humans and some dwarves have even been known to live long enough to celebrate their four hundredth birthday. Now, if you should ever be lucky enough to actually meet a dwarf be sure to remark upon their large, bushy beards. Dwarves take a lot of pride in their beards (the longer the beard the older the dwarf or so they say) which grow so long that quite often the dwarf has to tie his beard around his waist and use it as a belt. Dwarves are usually to be found deep within mountains as they love precious jewels and metals and like nothing more than spending their time constantly mining them from the rocks and then hiding them from potential thieves.

The ‘introduction’ and the opening chapters are currently with a couple of UK Agents. I doubt I’ll get any feedback or even a request for further chapters. However, if I should, the earliest I will probably hear anything will be in a couple of weeks time.

I do feel that the editing is going extremely well. I’ve tried to make the book quite scary for the younger readers whilst, at the same time, I’ve tried to make it quite funny for the more adult reader as well. Within the opening chapters our protagonist has already encountered some monsters and various goblins. Plus the tricky issue of health and safety within unlit tunnels and secret passages has been raised too.

Until next time . . .

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