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By P. J. Taylor, Jan 22 2018 04:01PM

This week I have been busy editing the first three chapters to ‘There’s No Place like Gnome’ and Chapter 3 has proven to be a little bit more difficult than I would have liked. However, it should be finished very shortly.

Below is a warning from the fictional publishers of the book that will appear in the novel plus a description of one of the main races within the story. There are three races in total and I will upload a description of the other two over the next couple of weeks.

A Note About Magical Maelstrom Books

Magic Maelstrom books are not the same as regular books. They are magical and, in the wrong hands, can sometimes be dangerous and, on very occasions, fatal. The publishers at Magical Maelstrom books accepts no liability for any damage caused by naughty individuals* attempting to harness the magic held within these pages.

* by individuals we mean humans, elves, ogres, pixies, gnomes, kwerks, dwarves or any other kind of monster for that matter.


Goblins can be found almost anywhere. They delight in causing pain and suffering to others and will often torture people just for their own amusement before throwing them in to their dungeons or putting them to work in their mines. Taller than a dwarf but shorter than a human, goblins have very dark green skin, large ears, large noses and even larger teeth which they hardly ever brush. They live in constant filth and never ever take baths or showers. Most goblins are very greedy and, at breakfast, dinner and tea, usually try to stuff as much food as they can down their throats until they’re sick just so the goblin sitting next to them goes without. Short tempered and foul mouthed some goblins will often steal from their own mothers jewellery boxes if they think they can get away with it.

This week I have also made time to begin reading Neal Spring’s new book, The Lost Village. It’s a ghost story and is a sequel to The Ghost Hunters. If you’ve not read the first book it’s worth picking up along with Neil Spring’s second book, The Watchers.

Otherwise, I have no further updates or news as I have been too busy editing, editing and editing.

Until next time . . .

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