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Back Writing Again

By P. J. Taylor, Jun 18 2018 02:34PM

I haven’t updated my blog in a few months. To be honest I took a break from writing. I have about three or four projects on the go at the moment. Everybody who writes must go through periods of uncertainty. Questioning whether what they’re actually writing is any good. And I am certainly no different.

This week, however, I booted up the laptop and (once again) edited the opening chapters to ‘Brian . . . 3’. And then I went through the first third of ‘There’s No Place Like Gnome’ and I edited and tweaked that too. I feel like it was worth it though. I took out a few things that I feel didn’t work too well and added a few extra bits and pieces and now, on the whole, I feel it reads a little better. For the moment I shall continue with the ‘Gnome . . .’ book and will aim to get it completed by the end of the year. A sequel is already partially written. Something that I wrote many years ago. I may do something with this depending on the feedback from the first Gnome story.

I was also pleased to see that I picked up another 5 star review for ‘Brian, His Granddad & the Cup of Ages’. Whilst brief, it was still lovely to see that somebody had taken the time and effort to leave a message regarding my first book. The link to to the review is below:


Later this month I am attending a seminar on children’s writing. It’s being held at a hotel in London’s Soho. Another children’s author, publisher and agent, are all discussing children’s writing and the publishing process in general and I thought that this would be quite interesting to attend.

Otherwise, I have no other updates. Hopefully, next week I will have edited another couple of chapters of my new book and can let you know how that’s going.

Until next time . . .

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