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By P. J. Taylor, Jan 3 2019 03:24PM

It’s been quite a while since I posted a new blog/update. During the past six months I have been working hard on my new book and I am pleased to say there are only a few chapters left to complete. The book should be finished by February. Currently, I am putting the finishing touches to Chapter 19. There should be no more than 25 chapters in total.

Below is a very brief synopsis:

After an administration error, the goblin dungeons have run out of prisoners. Not only is this very embarrassing for all concerned, but it means that the monsters roaming the dungeons’ corridors have nobody to eat, and a labyrinth full of starving monsters is bound to cause trouble sooner or later.

Neddy Huggins, an anxious gnome, has never broken goblin law and in fact lives nowhere near goblin territory, but goblins are not always discerning about the people they arrest. He and two friends are kidnapped, separated and thrown into the goblin dungeons in order to serve as a tasty snack for the monsters in residence.

In the dungeons, Neddy meets two old hands at survival: a battle-scarred, one-eyed dwarf called Felicity and a talking bat called Sir Bernard Feltham the third, who can only retain memories for twenty-four hours. From them, Neddy learns three shocking things. Firstly, that his friend Charlie Springfoot may still be alive somewhere in the lower levels of the dungeons. Secondly, that the goblins have been secretly amassing an army and they plan to march to war against his homeland. Thirdly, that tunnel rat really does taste better than it looks.

When fate forces Neddy, Felicity and Sir Bernard to flee for their lives, they decide to ignore the fact that nobody has ever escaped from the goblin dungeons and, throwing caution to the wind, they hatch a daring plan to rescue Charlie Springfoot and break out of their prison.

This task, however, will not be easy. On their journey they will encounter strange friends and foes: skeletons, flying lizards, a giant spider and a famous wizard trapped within a suit of armour. Neddy, Felicity, and Sir Bernard must band together to achieve their goal, but even then their fate is not guaranteed. Not only will they need to overcome loss, heartbreak and queasy stomachs, but their newfound friendship will be tested to the limit.

Lastly, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

By P. J. Taylor, Jun 18 2018 02:34PM

I haven’t updated my blog in a few months. To be honest I took a break from writing. I have about three or four projects on the go at the moment. Everybody who writes must go through periods of uncertainty. Questioning whether what they’re actually writing is any good. And I am certainly no different.

This week, however, I booted up the laptop and (once again) edited the opening chapters to ‘Brian . . . 3’. And then I went through the first third of ‘There’s No Place Like Gnome’ and I edited and tweaked that too. I feel like it was worth it though. I took out a few things that I feel didn’t work too well and added a few extra bits and pieces and now, on the whole, I feel it reads a little better. For the moment I shall continue with the ‘Gnome . . .’ book and will aim to get it completed by the end of the year. A sequel is already partially written. Something that I wrote many years ago. I may do something with this depending on the feedback from the first Gnome story.

I was also pleased to see that I picked up another 5 star review for ‘Brian, His Granddad & the Cup of Ages’. Whilst brief, it was still lovely to see that somebody had taken the time and effort to leave a message regarding my first book. The link to to the review is below:


Later this month I am attending a seminar on children’s writing. It’s being held at a hotel in London’s Soho. Another children’s author, publisher and agent, are all discussing children’s writing and the publishing process in general and I thought that this would be quite interesting to attend.

Otherwise, I have no other updates. Hopefully, next week I will have edited another couple of chapters of my new book and can let you know how that’s going.

Until next time . . .

By P. J. Taylor, Feb 6 2018 12:29PM

So, I have received some very positive feedback to the ‘introduction’ and opening chapters to my new children’s book, There’s No Place Like Gnome. Hopefully, by the end of this week, I shall have edited Chapter Six. That will leave a further fourteen chapters to edit and then the process will begin again until I entirely happy that my new novel is as good as it can be. Detailed below is a further resume. This one covers the bearded Dwarf race.


Not usually more than four feet tall dwarves are much smaller than humans and look a great deal older too. Their noses are large, their eyes and ears are small and their faces rough and earthy looking. They live three times as long as humans and some dwarves have even been known to live long enough to celebrate their four hundredth birthday. Now, if you should ever be lucky enough to actually meet a dwarf be sure to remark upon their large, bushy beards. Dwarves take a lot of pride in their beards (the longer the beard the older the dwarf or so they say) which grow so long that quite often the dwarf has to tie his beard around his waist and use it as a belt. Dwarves are usually to be found deep within mountains as they love precious jewels and metals and like nothing more than spending their time constantly mining them from the rocks and then hiding them from potential thieves.

The ‘introduction’ and the opening chapters are currently with a couple of UK Agents. I doubt I’ll get any feedback or even a request for further chapters. However, if I should, the earliest I will probably hear anything will be in a couple of weeks time.

I do feel that the editing is going extremely well. I’ve tried to make the book quite scary for the younger readers whilst, at the same time, I’ve tried to make it quite funny for the more adult reader as well. Within the opening chapters our protagonist has already encountered some monsters and various goblins. Plus the tricky issue of health and safety within unlit tunnels and secret passages has been raised too.

Until next time . . .

By P. J. Taylor, Jan 22 2018 04:01PM

This week I have been busy editing the first three chapters to ‘There’s No Place like Gnome’ and Chapter 3 has proven to be a little bit more difficult than I would have liked. However, it should be finished very shortly.

Below is a warning from the fictional publishers of the book that will appear in the novel plus a description of one of the main races within the story. There are three races in total and I will upload a description of the other two over the next couple of weeks.

A Note About Magical Maelstrom Books

Magic Maelstrom books are not the same as regular books. They are magical and, in the wrong hands, can sometimes be dangerous and, on very occasions, fatal. The publishers at Magical Maelstrom books accepts no liability for any damage caused by naughty individuals* attempting to harness the magic held within these pages.

* by individuals we mean humans, elves, ogres, pixies, gnomes, kwerks, dwarves or any other kind of monster for that matter.


Goblins can be found almost anywhere. They delight in causing pain and suffering to others and will often torture people just for their own amusement before throwing them in to their dungeons or putting them to work in their mines. Taller than a dwarf but shorter than a human, goblins have very dark green skin, large ears, large noses and even larger teeth which they hardly ever brush. They live in constant filth and never ever take baths or showers. Most goblins are very greedy and, at breakfast, dinner and tea, usually try to stuff as much food as they can down their throats until they’re sick just so the goblin sitting next to them goes without. Short tempered and foul mouthed some goblins will often steal from their own mothers jewellery boxes if they think they can get away with it.

This week I have also made time to begin reading Neal Spring’s new book, The Lost Village. It’s a ghost story and is a sequel to The Ghost Hunters. If you’ve not read the first book it’s worth picking up along with Neil Spring’s second book, The Watchers.

Otherwise, I have no further updates or news as I have been too busy editing, editing and editing.

Until next time . . .

By P. J. Taylor, Jan 9 2018 11:10AM

So, it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog with any real news. And that’s mainly because I’ve had no news to report plus I’ve had a few health issues too. With a bit of luck these issues will remain in 2017 and not raise their ugly heads in the forthcoming year.

However, I do have a couple of samples and/or bits and pieces from one of the books that I am currently working which I can share. The book is titled, The Dungeons of Doom or There’s No Place Like Gnome.

The first sample (below) will appear at the very front of the book. The author’s current name, however, will probably change before the book is finally completed.

‘About the Author

Augustus Crumplefoot is the successful author of more than twenty bestselling books including the hugely popular '101 Ways to Avoid Being Caught and Eaten by a Particularly Dumb Ogre', 'Another 101 Ways to Avoid Being Caught and Eaten by a Particularly Dumb Ogre' and 'If You're Ever Caught and Eaten by a Particularly Dumb Ogre then you Probably Deserved It'. For the last twenty years he has been living within the shadow of the Mountains of Madness with his cat, Colin, and his Owl, Roger. He does not take kindly to visitors unless they are accompanied by a particularly large packet of jelly babies or strawberry bonbons.’

At the front my new novel there is also a description of the three types of races that feature within the story. I will update this over the next few weeks. The book also comes with a warning to children which is below:


Due to the contents within this book and after a number of unfortunate accidents that took place when it was first published within the southern Ogre kingdoms, Magical Maelstrom books are legally bound to make you aware of the following health and safety advice:-

DO NOT attempt to cast any spells yourself unless you are a wizard or wizardess who has attained at least a level five or higher in sorcery.

DO NOT consume any Slither Worm unless you have roasted it over a fire for at least ninety minutes and checked to ensure that the cooked worm is fully white throughout.

DO NOT attempt to fight any monsters yourself unless you are a Knight, Cavalier or Champion who has attained a level 10 or greater in swordsmanship.

DO NOT attempt to use swords, axes or any other type of weapon unless you have been to an official weapon school and have a certificate to prove it. A list of fully recognised weapon schools can be found in most kingdoms.

DO NOT talk to any strangers, goblins or fire-breathing dragons.’

Until next time . . .

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