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'Brian has been left with his grand parents who he has only met on two previous occasions. His

father is `missing' and his mother is trying to sort out a new house job. Very quickly Brian realises

that things aren't quite normal at his grand parents house and he finds himself getting deeper and

deeper into a very strange unknown world of magic potions, good monsters and bad demons. The

final two or three chapters are enticingly terrifying cliff hangers that will keep all voracious young

readers up until past their bedtime to find out what happens.

I found this story well constructed with rich narrative and imaginative plot lines. It's perfect for

all children from 8 or 9 upwards.'

- A. Rose, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer.


'My daughter has just finished this fantastic book. It kept her really gripped, with exciting new

adventures along the way. Her favourite characters were Sam and Hadley & two funny monsters

who always bickered and got up to mischief!! Excellent writing and we look forward to the sequel.'

- H. Bevan

Brian, His Granddad & the Cup of Ages

''Fantastic read and not just for children. I loved it as much as my sons. Would definitely recommend it. Couldn't put it down. I Hope there's more soon from this author!' - Irene H.

'Very well structured towards teens and adults alike, and I find at the end of every chapter I want to read more. What a great book, highly recommend it...' - Emma


'It is brillant, and as you read along, the excitment is growing. The best part is that I am sure there will be a sequel. It has to be. Because I, for one, need to know what happens to you know who is imprisoned in the Norsip ball. And the author has left a doubt about a traitor. Has the real traitor really been uncovered? I think that alone leaves the door opened for a sequel, am I right? I hope so, because I am ready for more magical adventures. And undisputed 5 stars from me.' - Frenchie


'I bought "Brian..." for my 12 year old son but started reading it myself and couldn't out it

down. I loved Harry Potter and this is a brilliant replacement now that "Harry" has come

to an end. The characters are lovely, espcially Sam and Hadley, and the town of Coffinsgrave

is richly described with a wonderful cursed ceiling! I urge everyone to buy this book, young

and old, especially if you enjoyed Harry Potter. I only wish all Ebooks were as good as this.

I sincerely hope P.J.Taylor is in Waterstones soon! P.S. My son and I can't wait for the sequel!'

- Heather F

''A must for fans missing Harry Potter... equally enjoyed by both adult readers and children alike..." - Sarah Mackins

"a cast of colourful characters and get involved in many exciting adventures..." - Blindjak

My News

A boy called Christian from Welling is seen here with his copy of 'Brian, the

Alchemist & the Silver Dragon'! Enjoy Christian! Lewis Baber can also be seen

holding his copy.


A girl called Abby Williams drew a picture of Hadley and sent it to me after

reading the first book! Isn't it great?! If you have a drawing of one of my

characters, please do send it to me and I'll display it here on my website for a



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